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Meter Card Report
  1. Please read the water meter on each well on the last day of the month, or as close to this date as possible.
  2. When reading the meters, make sure you include any zeros before or after the reading. You will need to include any multipliers or fixed zeros after the reading.
    Example: 123456 X 100 or 123456 00.
  3. Record the serial number of the water meter. Please indicate if the meter was changed or repaired during the past twelve months.
  4. Please fax or mail this form to the Fort Bend Subsidence District officy by 08/01/2020

Items marked with an * are required.

* Well Owner:  
* Address:  

This form is now required under rule 8.7.
* Well #
* Reading Date
* Meter Manufacturer
* Water Meter Serial #
* Water Meter Reading

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