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Application for Amended Permit (Increase in Allocation)
Submit one application form and fee within seven (7) days to the above address for each aggregate well system to be permitted. The application fee is $50.00 for one (1) well, or if you have more than 1 well, a total of $100.00 is due for the entire aggregate system.

Items marked with an * are required.

*Well No:  
*Current Allocation:  (MG)  
Current Term: Begin:  End:  (mm/dd/yyyy)
*Date authorized withdrawal was or will be exceeded:  (mm/dd/yyyy) 

*I request, on behalf of    , well owner, that the following actions be taken 

with regard to the subject well located at  

1. *I request that the authorized withdrawal be increased from the permitted amount of    (MG)

to  (MG). Due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the permit holder, the authorized withdrawal has proved to be inadequate as substantiated by the following facts:  

2. If request were denied, the result would be:

or state any other effects:

3. *Original amount requested was based upon:  

4. *The alternate source of water which would be available is (describe source):  

5. and would entail a cost of: $  

*Phone Number:  (###-###-####)      Ext.:   
*Applicant/Agent Name:   
*Please enter your e-mail address:   
Please re-enter your e-mail address:  



Permit Amendment Increasing Authorized Withdrawal: It is a violation of these rules to pump any amount of water over the amount authorized by permit. Permit amendments to increase the authorized withdrawal must be filed before any overpumpage occurs.
     1. Submission of Application: An application by a permit holder for a permit amendment increasing maximum authorized withdrawal must be submitted prior to the withdrawal of the amount currently permitted.

     2. Basis for Amendment: An applicant for a permit amendment increasing authorized withdrawal must present sufficient evidence that: (i) due to circumstances beyond the control of the applicant, the amount of withdrawal originally authorized is inadequate; and (ii) no suitable surface water is immediately available to the applicant.

     3. Action for Request: The General Manager may rule on any application for increased withdrawal in an amount up to but not exceeding twenty million gallons or 25 percent of the initially authorized withdrawal, whichever is greater, without notice, hearing, or further action by the Board. Once a ruling is made by the General Manager, notice of the ruling shall be served upon the applicant. Any applicant may appeal the General Manager’s ruling by filing a written request for hearing within ten business days of the date of service of the General Manager’s decision. If a written request for hearing is filed, or if the application for increased withdrawal is for an amount greater than twenty million gallons and 25 percent of the initially authorized withdrawal, notice shall be issued and a hearing conducted in the manner prescribed for permit issuance.

     4. Permit Fee: The permit fee to be assessed for any additional withdrawal granted will be at the permit fee rate in effect at the time of issuance of the amended permit multiplied by the additional withdrawal granted.
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