Fort Bend Subsidence District
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Application for Amended Permit (Decrease in Allocation)
Submit one application form and fee within seven (7) days to the above address for each aggregate well system to be permitted. The application fee is $50.00 for one (1) well, or if you have more than 1 well, a total of $100.00 is due for the entire aggregate system.

Items marked with an * are required.

*Well No:  
*Current Allocation:  (MG)  
Current Term: Begin: End:  (mm/dd/yyyy)

*I request, on behalf of  , well owner, that the following actions be taken with regard to the subject well(s):
*Decrease authorized withdrawal, for the current permit term, to  (MG)   

*Applicant/Agent Name:   
*Phone Number:   (###-###-####)        Ext.:  
*Please enter your e-mail address:   
*Please re-enter your e-mail address:  



Permit Amendment Decreasing Authorized Withdrawal:

An application by a permit holder for a permit amendment decreasing the authorized withdrawal must be made prior to payment, or to the due date for payment, of the current permit fee, whichever is earlier.  The General Manager may grant such an amendment without notice, hearing, or further action by the Board.

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